Kelly Clarkson has not had an easy time being pregnant, but the singer shared with fans this week that the “all-day sickness” is getting better. However, she’s still anxious to get that little boy out.

A fan reached out to Clarkson on Twitter to ask how she is doing, to which she responded with the update:

Clarkson is known for being candid with her experiences, especially her pregnancies. She announced her second pregnancy unexpectedly at a concert without warning her husband first, simply because she could not keep it in (and that she thought her unusual demeanor that evening would give her away).

“I couldn’t get through it and I was crying so hard,” she says about singing her tune “Piece by Piece” at the show. “I thought, ‘These people are going to think I’m on drugs. I’m about to lose it like a pregnant person. I gotta explain.’ And then it just came out.”

The star further opened up to CBS back in November, noting that her morning sickness was so severe she often had to be hooked up to IVs to avoid getting dehydrated.

Clarkson has a toddler, River Rose, with husband Brandon Blackstock, and the artist included her daughter in the emotional video for “Piece by Piece.” The tune is a vulnerable look at her past with her own father, contrasting it with her husband’s commitment to their family.

“My husband came into my life and he was the complete opposite of how my father was,” Kelly explained to CBS.“He was present. He wins for being around.”

Though the artist has not revealed an official due date for her second child, a boy, it is likely he will make his debut in the early part of this year.

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