Been there, done that.

Kelly Clarkson, the original 'American Idol,' won't revisit her former stomping grounds, despite rumors. The pop-country diva will not take a seat at the judge's table for Season 13 in 2014, which is expected to be totally revamped and overhauled with a new set of celebrity panelists.

The singer's rep denied that Clarkson would be a part of the rumored all-alum panel including Jennifer Hudson and possibly Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. Although we must admit that would be interesting, since all those aforementioned artists competed deep into their seasons and can offer an interesting perspective to 'Idol' wannabes.

At this point, it's all hearsay, with sources saying this, that and the other. But Clarkson's rep shot things down about her client's participation, which means either the singer's negotiations are top secret she's hoping to throw people off the scent so it's a surprise, or she's really not doing it.

Clarkson did appear as a mentor to Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice' a few seasons back, and she was a mentor on the one season of 'Duets' with Jennifer Nettles last summer. That show was a mere moderate success and was not renewed for a second season.

Apparently, Clarkson likes the mentor role as opposed to being a judge. Perhaps at this time her schedule does not allow for a firmer commitment as a full-season panelist.

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