Kelly Clarkson's 'Underneath the Tree' music video revs up excitement not only for the holidays, but also for her upcoming television special, 'Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Tale.'

The music video begins with Clarkson backstage, getting her hair and makeup perfectly touched up before her next act, which happens to be 'Underneath the Tree.' After she's fit for performing, she walks out onto a beautifully decorated set, which is enclosed in a giant green wreath and features a red piano, massive Christmas tree, a full band full of brass, guitars, drums and backup singers, who are dressed to the nines in classic black outfits.

Clarkson herself is glowing with Christmas cheer, wearing a floor-length red and soft gold dress, gracefully billowing with tulle and ornate crimson lace. The footage cuts from the stage to other behind-the-scenes shots, including the songstress walking out of her dressing room, outfit changes and bathrobes, and last-minute rehearsals. She looks perfectly relaxed, laughing, dancing and having a merry time onstage and off.

The crossover icon's vocals make this single stand out -- Clarkson's remarkable talent shines throughout the video, as she barely has time to catch her breath during this high energy song -- but doesn't miss a note.

In one shot, we catch a glimpse of a cheery Christmas elf who looks a lot like ... Blake Shelton. If that isn't reason enough to get excited about Clarkson's upcoming television special, we don't know what is.

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