Kelsea Ballerini brought the lighthearted fun to the CMA Awards when she performed her song "Hole in the Bottle." Another late addition to the award show lineup, Ballerini was the only solo performer to not be nominated at the awards themselves.

Ballerini didn't shy away from sharing her disappointment when her name didn't make the list of nominees a few months ago.

"The last time this happened, I wrote homecoming queen the next day about the feeling," Ballerini included in a tweet.

In the end, she got to perform her song as the final performance of an admittedly different-feeling CMA Awards. And if Ballerini had any hard feelings, you couldn't see them as she energetically trotted across the stage, delivering a pitch-perfect performance.

Ballerini continued to tease, well... something about Shania Twain during her performance of "Hole In the Bottle" at the 2020 CMA Awards. She dressed in a Shania-esque pantsuit style outfit with a top hat and ended her performance with a cheeky, "Let's go girls."

Immediately after the performance, Ballerini tweeted that she'll be releasing a version of "Hole in the Bottle" with Twain on Thursday (Nov. 12) at midnight. The announcement puts a nice finish to a week's worth of social media Shania references.

Despite the CMA Awards snub, Kelsea Ballerini has enjoyed plenty of success with her critically acclaimed 2020 album Kelsea and its reimagined counterpart, Ballerini.

"Hole in the Bottle" is the third single from her album Kelsea. The song is currently in the Top 15 at country radio.

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