Kelsea Ballerini is really, really bad at keeping secrets and she knows it, so she doesn't try. Fans figured out how she hid the track listing for her new Kelsea album on Instagram, but so far no one has figured out where she put her 2020 tour plans ...

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, the singer reveals that the imagery surrounding the release of her third studio album (available March 20) is packed with clues and secrets. Fans figured out some of them, but there's a lot more they missed.

"Every single, you know how it's kind of like a yearbook photo almost, and the things on the side — the title," Ballerini says. "There's clues on all of it."

For example, the artwork for her single "Homecoming Queen?" revealed her favorite lyric on the song, "zipping up the mess."

"On 'Club' it said 'Kelsea' and then the release date ... which was not out yet. And then on 'Hole in the Bottle' there's stuff on there that people haven't found yet, which is valuable information."

When pressed, she reveals that her 2020 tour plans are out there for people to figure out. As of now, just a few festival and fair dates are listed at her official website.

Watch her full Taste of Country Nights interview above. The 26-year-old dishes on which songs were inspired by husband Morgan Evans, how she met and befriended Halsey and what class she nearly failed in high school (and why that led to a breakup).

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