In her No. 1 country duet with Kenny Chesney, "Half of My Hometown," Kelsea Ballerini waxes nostalgic about her complex relationship with her hometown of Knoxville, Tenn.

But in real life, she recently made a trip home to attend her high school reunion, the singer explains during a new appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"This was the high school that I left after my sophomore year to move to Nashville to do [music]," Ballerini explains. "So I didn't graduate from here. So I was kind of like an honorary Bobcat. But my best friend graduated from there, and I went with her."

Although she only spent two years there, Ballerini knew the school well enough to know all the social cliques — and recognized that a decade later, everyone was still hanging out with the same friends they'd had back in school.

"It was so interesting, because we walked in the room and people were having dinner, and it was the same people at the tables," she comments.

But after a drink or two, the whole crowd let their hair down, and the alumni all came together for a dance party, according to a video that Ballerini shared on Clarkson's talk show.

"That was after we drank," she jokes.

Altogether, Ballerini says that the blast from the past trip home was a special experience. "It was really beautiful. It was actually the 11-year reunion. It was just really cool to see everyone, and everyone's in a different phase of life, but you know, we're all just growing up. It was a really cool — it was really, I don't know, heartfelt," she continues.

Ballerini's currently taking a break after wrapping the final leg of her headlining Heartfirst Tour last week.

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