One Kelsea Ballerini fan got a surprise of a lifetime while performing at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe recently. Twelve-year-old Landon Wall was on the stage explaining his response song to Ballerini's "Peter Pan" when the singer herself appeared.

"Me and my dad were driving down the road the other day and we heard Kelsea Ballerini's 'Peter Pan,'" he explains. "There's two sides to every story so we wondered, 'What would Peter Pan's side of the story sound like?'"

Ballerini got wind of the song, which went viral in early June, and tweeted Wall. Impressed, she posted the video of the song, adding that she'd love to hug him.

She got her chance during CMA Fest. As Wall closed the song, his eyes widened as Ballerini appeared in the back of the Bluebird. "Oh my gosh!" he says in the clip above as she walks toward the stage.

"Now, if you're going to sing the response I get to sing mine too," Ballerini said to a stunned audience as she gave him a hug.

She then asked to borrow his guitar and a pick to sing "Peter Pan."

"I loved your cover so much that I got real excited about it," she said before taking the microphone. "My name's Kelsea. That was a better version of my song."

Ballerini then performed her song before Wall rejoined her on the stage. "I want to take a selfie real quick, is that okay?" she asked him as the two pose for a photo. "I'm going to Snapchat a video and then a selfie. Then I'm leaving, I swear. Sorry. I'm totally invading your night."

He probably didn't mind.

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