The women of Song Suffragettes took on a fun cover at a recent #LetTheGirlsPlay gig in Nashville, covering Kelsea Ballerini's current hit, "Yeah Boy."

Catie Offerman, Parker McKay, Lena Stone, Madison Kozak and Kaitie Forbes were on the bill for the weekly Monday night show at the Listening Room on April 10, and after each of the rising singer-songwriters performed their own songs, they joined up at the end for the LTGP tradition of a group cover.

"Yeah Boy" is the fourth single from Ballerini's smash debut album, The First Time, and she deliberately closed out that period of her career with a light-hearted pop-country song that's reminiscent of her debut hit, "Love Me Like You Mean It."

LTGP veteran Stone starts off the song on acoustic guitar in the video above, and she confidently delivers the opening lines before handing off to Offerman. Forbes takes the first chorus, and Offerman and Kozak split the second verse before Stone picks back up on the second chorus. The women join their voices in harmony for the bridge, and McKay takes the chorus before they bring it back around to group harmonies on the outro hook, delivering a fun performance that strips the song down to its basics while still conveying its simple, enthusiastic energy.

#LetTheGirlsPlay formed in response to the unique challenges women face at every level of Nashville's country music scene, and it's helped women gain a stronger voice over the last few years. Taste of Country has been an enthusiastic supporter, profiling a new artist once each month and sharing a new group cover every week.

Kalie Shorr was involved with Song Suffragettes before she scored with "Fight Like a Girl" on SiriusXM, and Taste of Country recently chose her as one of our RISERS for 2017. Take a look at her exclusive performance of "Nothin' New" below.

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