Kelsey Lamb's new single is a song that everyone who's ever experienced heartbreak can relate to. "Before It All Went Wrong" is set to drop on Oct. 1, but Taste of Country readers get to hear it early in this exclusive premiere.

The mid-tempo song looks back wistfully on a love that has come to an end, leaving the narrator stunned and heartbroken. It's a song that draws on a painful chapter in Lamb's own life.

"I wrote 'Before It All Went Wrong' with Sarah Jones and Taylor Goyette a few months ago. I came into the writing session that day with this title and vision, and Taylor and Sarah helped me put it into a song," Lamb tells us. "The whole idea of this song comes from that specific moment right before you get your heart broken, whether it's unexpected or something you've known was coming for a while."

Lamb drew on the emotional aftermath of a breakup she says "completely destroyed me" that she hadn't seen coming.

"I remember so vividly feeling like there was something I could have done differently, or something I could have said to change the whole situation, and just going over it again and again in my head," she relates. "I wanted to paint the exact situation I was in — from a relationship I thought was in a good place and moving forward, to an out-of-the-blue moment that changed everything."

Lamb hopes "Before It All Went Wrong" can help others "feel less alone in the midst of this horrible part of a breakup that almost everyone will go through at some point. I'm excited to have this song out, and to put this part of the story I have been telling with my recent releases out there. I feel like I've really gotten the chance to tell the story of this breakup that completely shifted my life, and I just hope that people are able to relate to it."

Lamb launched her musical career in 2016 with the release of a holiday EP titled Christmas With Kelsey. She's an actor as well as a singer, and she's appeared in the Hallmark movies Christmas in Homestead and Traces. Her 2018 single "Warning Sign" also appears in Lifetime's Bad Stepmother.

Lamb's own romantic fortunes have improved considerably since the time of her breakup. She's set to marry one of her "Before It All Went Wrong" co-writers, Taylor Goyette, on Oct. 2, the day after the song is released.

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