Kenny Chesney's "Bar at the End of the World" is built for his live show. The song is bittersweet in that so few fans will get to hear it live in 2017.

Unlike "Noise" and his most recent hit "Setting the World on Fire," Chesney's latest from Cosmic Hallelujah is true to much of what's in his catalog. The singer is working from a comfortable place as he sings about taking a girl to a seaside saloon. The country-rocker is textbook Chesney.

J.T. Harding, Aimee Mayo and David Lee Murphy penned “Bar at the End of the World.” It's a song that begs for a warm summer breeze.

Did You Know?: A June headlining stop at Country Jam Colorado is among Chesney's few live stops in 2017.

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Kenny Chesney's "Bar at the End of the World" Lyrics:

"There's a trail of smoke comin' out of a bottle / If you look real close, you can see it right there / A little tin roof bar down a path you have to follow / From a treasure map with the edges burnt from a few too many beers / We'll pull the ropes off the boat / We'll throw 'em up on the dock / We'll let the stars be our God / No we don't need no clock."

"We'll set sail / Yeah, I see you there wind in your hair and that t-shirt on / Dead man tell no tales / It's like nowhere else / You've ever been and we'll write your name on a dollar bill / Put it on a wall it'll still be there / Next time we come back girl, to the bar at the end of the world."

"In that old sea shell, you can hear the ocean / You can hear the waves crash whisper in your ear / A little glow in the night, it's the last place open / And the house drink is a beautiful thing called 'make me disappear."

"There ain't no empty glasses, they're playing drift away / That's where the magic happens, back up in that little bay."

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