Kenny Chesney's live shows are full of energy and passion, and he brought that to the studio while recording several songs on Cosmic Hallelujah. Chesney opened up to Taste of Country Nights about putting that on the album.

“Not every song on Cosmic Hallelujah is geared toward the live element, but I’d be lying to you if I said that we didn’t think about the live element when making this record," he explains.

The beach-obsessed Tennessee native says the very first time he heard "All the Pretty Girls," he couldn't think of anything but performing it onstage to his dedicated fans.

“When I heard it, when we made this record, just the whole chorus of that song I thought about my connection with the audience and I thought about the energy we have onstage," Chesney tells ToC Nights. "I think about all the love and passion that those fans out there, we call ‘em No Shoes Nation, I think about all the energy that they throw back at us. I thought about that a lot when I was making this record, especially ‘All the Pretty Girls,’ because I just know that that’s going to make the show even better.”

Chesney's 11-track Cosmic Hallelujah is now available via digital retailers like iTunes as well as in stores.

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