Kenny Chesney took a risk with his most recent single "Wild Child," a unique ballad featuring indie folk rocker Grace Potter, who shared a Grammy nomination with Chesney for the duo’s previous duet "You and Tequila."

"Wild Child" is a tribute to the inner beauty of a woman who follows her passions and lives freely, as opposed to the typical 'tan legs and brown eyes’ motif prevalent on country radio today, but the risk definitely paid off. The song has hit No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart. It also happens to be Potter’s first No. 1.

"To me, a girl who is so alive, so in the moment, so curious and hungry for life ...There’s nothing like her,” Chesney says of the inspiration for the song. “When we wrote this, I knew we needed Grace Potter’s voice on there, because she is everything the song is about."

Its atypical subject matter and the fact that it is a ballad was a little nerve-wracking for the county artist, who was unsure how it would perform commercially. But he knew it was unique and worth creating.

“It was everything I wanted to say about what makes a woman alluring ... about those things that capture your imagination and make you want to be closer. It certainly wasn’t the norm of what was happening with country radio, but it felt like something I wanted people to remember, to think about,” he Chesney muses.

Cowritten by the star in addition to Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, "Wild Child" is Chesney’s 27th No. 1 and the third consecutive No. 1 from his album The Big Revival  — a feat he hasn't seen since Hemingway’s Whiskey in 2010.

Chesney is currently touring in support of his album. The road run sold a million tickets before ever stepping foot on stage.

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