It turns out the Gambler doesn't actually like gambling. During a conference call with several media outlets, Kenny Rogers revealed that despite his timeless 1978 hit single, "The Gambler," he doesn't gamble himself.

"Personally, I found out that I can't win enough to excite me," Rogers explains. "But I can lose enough to depress me. So, I kind of stay away from it."

Another revelation during the chat was that Rogers didn't want to name his farewell tour after his famous song. "I wanted to call the tour 'The End of the Rainbow,' because so few people get to see the end of the rainbow," he says. "And I hopefully am going to be able to do that."

One thing Rogers does like is singing duets. Well known for his iconic duet "Islands In the Stream" with Dolly Parton, his current tour features Linda Davis — and while he didn't reveal if the two will share the stage, he did express his love to duet.

"I think everybody thinks they sing the best they can every night. And it's like running the 100-yard dash. You run it as fast as you think you can [when you are alone]," he explains. "Then they put someone alongside you who runs faster. And you inevitably run faster. I think that happened with me. I think I found out I could sing a lot better when I was singing with someone else."

Make no mistake, this is Rogers' last tour. In a previous interview with Taste of Country the singer said he is being honest with his fans by saying farewell:

“I feel that I owe an honest response to people and right now, I have no intention of coming back and doing anything else. Once I leave, I plan on leaving it to the new guys.”

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