Kenny Rogers dropped some news on Dolly Parton at the end of his final interview with Taste of Country. This farewell interview came in 2017, and it's nothing but smiles.

Ahead of the All in for the Gambler farewell concert in Nashville, Rogers spoke with boyish enthusiasm about the prospect of retirement. While this show wasn't his final show, it was a tribute to him in front of fans and more than a dozen country stars and legends.

Reba McEntire, Alison Krauss, Travis Tritt and Wynonna Judd were there to honor him properly. So too were Justin Moore, Aaron Lewis and Billy Currington.

Watch the full 70-second conversation above. It was his last official order of business on the media red carpet before he and Parton walked backstage to begin the show. It was also the last of three conversations Taste of Country had with Rogers, following more in-depth profiles in 2016 (by the late journalist Chuck Dauphin) and in 2015.

This show would end with a literal mic drop after Parton and Rogers sang two duets together and walked off the stage one final time.

Rogers died at age 81 on Friday (March 20) after a short illness. He's been remembered by dozens of artists on social media, and he was tributed at the Grand Ole Opry the next day when Vince Gill sang "Sweet Music Man."

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