Kenny Rogers stopped by FOX's television show 'Fox and Friends' earlier this week to talk about his new gospel album, 'The Love of God,' which was released on March 7 at Cracker Barrel stores nationwide. Not only did he talk with show hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade about the album, but he also raved on his two young sons.

The 72 year old is the father of 6-year-old twins, Jordan and Justin, and he does not have a problem keeping busy on a daily basis. A friend told him that 6-year-old boys are like little criminals, to which Rogers laughingly responded, "I just want to live long enough to see them in prison, then I'm OK."

When asked what the difference is with being a dad later in life as opposed to when you're younger, the country legend said, "They say that having kids at my age can either make you or break you, and right now I am leaning heavily toward break."

Rogers added, "I've never seen anything like this in my life. These two boys will dismantle your house. They're sweet kids, and their grandfather is a do-it-yourself-er and they've got screwdrivers and they're taking the TV apart." Rogers also shared that his son Justin was going up the stairs on his way to bed recently and said, "Daddy, I am really getting tired of you."

Do his kids have any idea who their famous dad really is? Rogers hinted that they may after an embarrassing moment on a trip to Disneyland. They were standing in line when Jordan said, "I thought we were VIPs."

Rogers also talked about some of his recent projects outside of music. Besides the upcoming release of his own book of photography, Rogers also keeps busy with his new hobby: house flipping. Rogers said commented that interior decorating has always been a passion of his. To pick up a copy of Kenny Rogers' latest album, visit the official Cracker Barrel website.