Most love song videos may have you envisioning stargazing, romantic kisses and candlelight dinners, but Kevin Fowler's 'Love Song' music video is anything but typical.

The latest clip from the Texas-based star's upcoming album 'How Country Are Ya?' gives a picture to exactly what a "beer-drinking, hell-raising, heart-breaking, butt-shaking love song" looks like. And Fowler's idea of a love song is a pretty girl wearing cowgirl boots and Daisy Dukes getting a little bit wild. Who can blame him?

The beginning of the video, directed by Phillip Guzman, shows a bartender sweeping the dusty floor. He decides to listen to the jukebox, and as Fowler's song begins to play, a brunette in pink top and short-shorts strides in, showcasing her legs as she leans casually against the bar.

From that point on, the gal dances, drinks and flirts her way into the heart of the bartender, who can scarcely believe his catch. From dancing in barely-there shorts in front of a fire, to throwing back beer with the best of them, the leading lady in this video captivates the bartender. She'll also captivate a few viewers, as well!

Fowler appears throughout the video. He sings 'Love Song' with the band, sits between the couple as they ride away from their wedding dressed in their bride and groom duds and even ends up in their bed -- whoops! The look on Fowler's face when he's discovered is pretty priceless, and deserves another watch (or two ... or twenty!) just because it's hilarious.

'Love Song' is the lead single off Fowler's  'How Country Are Ya?' album, in stores March 4. Fans who pre-order the album will also receive two new songs instantly.

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