'Whiskey and I' on Kevin Fowler's new album 'How Country Are Ya?' pretty much wrote itself, and it all started when the singer realized that whiskey plus Fowler isn't the best combination. He shares the story in this exclusive video, and fans can listen to the track below.

"Whiskey and I don't get along," the Texas singer admits.

As he thought about his bad relationship with the hard stuff, Fowler realized it would make a great song -- and it actually came together pretty easily. "The best songs ... just kinda write themselves, and that's what happened with 'Whiskey and I,'" he shares.

Fowler adds with a smirk, "If you ever drank whiskey and made bad decisions, this song's for you, buddy."

Taste of Country will soon reveal the story behind the final track on 'How Country Are Ya?' which is available Tuesday (March 4). Fan can purchase the 15-track album here.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Whiskey and I'

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