If fans aren't sure how to pronounce the title of Kevin Fowler's 'Mousturdonus' track, he explains exactly how to say it, as well as where the unusual (and hilarious) name came from in this exclusive video.

The country crooner shares that while on tour, they had an extra bun mate in the form of a mouse. "We had a mouse on the bus for like six weeks," Fowler says. "He was pooing, sneaking in the middle of the night, jumping onto the table, pooing on the beer ..."

After hearing that story, fans can probably sound out the song's title, which is actually four words in one. 'Mousturdonus' is a nearly two-minute song composed of pure instrumental bliss. Fowler didn't have any part in the track; he just wanted his live band to really showcase how "bada--" they really are.

Fans can listen to the mind-blowing 'Mouseturdonus' below, and continue to check back for more stories behind Fowler's songs as Taste of Country reveals the final tracks from his new album, out March 4. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes here.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Mousturdonus'

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