The final track on Kevin Fowler's 'How Country Are Ya?' album is 'Chicken Wing,' and although it's a clever and undeniably catchy song, there's a teachable lesson behind the lyrics.

In this exclusive video, Fowler shares his thoughts on 'Chicken Wing,' explaining, "Life's too short; don't worry about everything -- it ain't nothin' but a chicken wing."

The saying "ain't nothing but a chicken wing" stems from the fact that chickens have wings, but aren't able to fly, making their wings relatively useless.

"It's just a really fun recording of a really funny song," says Fowler. He points out that the recording was laid-back, and fans can hear everything -- even the crew laughing in the background.

Fowler's album 'How Country Are Ya?' debuted Tuesday (March 4). The 15-track album can be purchased here.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Chicken Wing'

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