Kevin Fowler's latest music video, 'That Girl,' has made its debut. The video is a colorful look at a happily married couple through three stages of their life -- their teens, mid life and the present -- but throughout time, she always has been and will be "that girl" he fell in love with at 17.

As the elderly couple climb out of their jeep by the lakeside, viewers go back in time to when the couple visited that exact location 20-some years prior, which is later revealed as the spot where the two met in their teens. Between the B-roll footage of the couple, Fowler is shown performing by the lake with his Texas band, marking the first time they have appeared in one of his music videos.

"I think [having my band in the video] gave [it] the energy that the song needed for the video," Fowler told Taste of Country a few weeks back while shooting the video for 'That Girl.' "It was fun."

‘That Girl’ was penned by Fowler, along with singer-songwriter Trent Willmon and Clint Ingersol. "Me, Trent and Clint wrote this at Trent’s house one day in Nashville," Fowler recalls. "I remember it was raining. The song just kind of came together. A lot of times some of the best songs just write themselves. This song just came out. We got lucky. Sometimes the song gods throw you a bone and give you a freebie!"

'That Girl' is the second release from Fowler's latest album, 'Chippin' Away,' which hit stores in August. The album has already spawned the multi-week No. 1 single on the Texas charts, 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer.'

Watch the Kevin Fowler 'That Girl' Video