When Kevin Fowler is finally done playing "king of the mountain" on the Texas music charts -- 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer' has topped the chart for five weeks -- he plans to release 'That Girl' to radio nationally. It's by far the most mainstream sounding song he's offered to radio stations thus far; the song seems written to be a hit. However, it's unlikely to be the passion play that many of his previous singles have become.

"Sunset by the lake / It looked just like a dream / My world stopped on a dime / When she hopped out of that Jeep," Fowler sings during the first verse of the up-tempo, polished rocker. Girls in Jeeps are becoming somewhat of an overused cliche in catchy country tunes, but to be honest it's a cliche that still works almost every time. Fans will find the same energy in this song that Fowler injects into 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer.' That song is an undeniable hit, despite "beer" being the most popular country song topic behind heartache.

"That girl, barefoot in a sun dress / Top down, Hair in a wild mess / Sweet smile, singing to the summer of 69 / That girl, just a little crazy / Green eyed, sweet child of dixie / Everything I ever hoped I'd find / That Girl." There's another verse after this chorus that doesn't add much detail to the story, and then Fowler goes through the chorus a handful more times.

Lyrically, this song isn't exactly award-winning material, but it's effective because, like the girl Fowler sings about, it's a little wild and crazy. There's a certain looseness and unpredictability to a good Kevin Fowler record. 'That Girl' almost goes too far in tightening up a hit single for national radio airplay, but Fowler can't change who he is. That's a good thing for his fans and this song.

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