What could be more magical than Disney's Night of Joy and an enchanting country cover? Nothing! Sixteen-year-old Charly Reynolds took the stage at the event to cover RaeLynn's catchy tune "God Made Girls."

Reynolds had just turned sweet 16 in this clip, but you can't tell from her stage presence, because she's a master at her craft. The adorable singer took the stage in a bright blouse and faded jeans, calmly asking all her girls to come to the front of the venue and help her sing the female empowering song.

Reynolds' voice is sweet, but powerful and she sings the song as if it was written for her. It doesn't take the audience long to get invested into the song, quickly going to the stage and singing along and clapping to the cover. The Florida native calls herself a country singer on her Twitter page, but she covers more than just country — her voice is suited for almost anything, although we're partial to her country sound.

Watch 16-year-old Charly Reynolds cover RaeLynn in the clip above.