America may have 'The Voice,' but Germany has something much cuter: a spinoff called 'The Voice Kids'! The show undoubtedly sees a lot of talent, but we were especially blow away by this 8-year-old. Laura Kamhuber tackled Dolly Parton's bittersweet song 'I Will Always Love You' for her performance, and as you can see, she nailed it.

According to the YouTube description, this video is from May of 2013 and shows the young girl belting out the tune in front of 'The Voice' judges. Kamhuber sang the song as part of the first round of Blind Auditions and, not surprisingly, all of the judges turned their chairs to let her know they wanted her! Her vocals are so impressive -- especially at her young age -- that the crowd (and judges) wound up giving her standing ovation. Check out the incredible video above.