There's nowhere to hide for King Calaway when they strip down songs for an acoustic performance, but that's how they like it. The group's harmonies and quiet musicianship stand out during a new acoustic performance video of the single "World for Two."

The video — premiering exclusive on Taste of Country — finds all six of the guys lined up on stage singing and strumming (or banging a cajon, as is the case for Chris Deaton). He and singer Jordan Harvey talked to Taste of Country ahead of the premiere, saying the performance is true to what fans can expect from a full-length album they're readying for late 2019.

"It's kind of cool whenever we strip it down and play it acoustic," Deaton says, reflecting. "It's like this is how the song was birthed."

Acoustic often equals "easy" for a solo artist, because they can paint a few errors as authentic. With so many vocalists and instruments needing to be fine tuned, King Calaway face a different challenge — one they embrace. "When we have all these layers of harmonies it's kind of cool when they're really out front," Deaton says. "Also it's kind of how we rehearse our harmonies anyways."

Harvey expands a little on news that the group will indeed be releasing an album in 2019. It's finished, and if you liked their debut EP and single, you'll enjoy the full-length project. Song choice was relatively easy for the group of international musicians. Bottom line: keep it positive. That's what fans tell them they appreciate about "World for Two."

"We've had a couple of messages on Instagram from some fans who've said it's been really positive and uplifting and really helped them get through certain situations in their life," Harvey says. "To us that is just huge. That's the message we want to send out to people. We want people to feel happy ... to hear that it's helping people through times we couldn't ask for anything more."

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