Aspiring country star Kree Harrison reached back to her favorite performance of season twelve on 'American Idol' Wednesday night (May 15), singing Patty Griffin's 'Up To the Mountain' again to close out her participation in the reality singing competition.

She originally sang the song during the Vegas round, stunning the judges with her standout performance that earned raves and catapulted her into a leading position as one of the consistent frontrunners this year.

She sang it in a gospel-tinged version on Wednesday, demonstrating again the full power, range and clarity of her voice and reminding the judges of why they've raved about her all season.

"That was beautiful" Keith Urban exclaimed, praising her for her soulful vibe.

Nicki Minaj said the choir was the right choice, praising the energy and uplifting quality of the performance. She added that Harrison has a "beautiful voice and soul."

Randy Jackson was unreservedly enthusiastic, exclaiming, "That right there is a winning kind of performance!"

Mariah Carey also praised Harrison, noting her diversity. "You have something special," she said.

Harrison will find out if she is the winner of the twelfth season of 'American Idol' on Thursday night (May 16).

Watch Kree Harrison Sing 'Up To the Mountain' on 'American Idol'

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