Kristian Bush's current single "Sing Along" was inspired by a mistake he made in a relationship.

While he is no longer in that relationship, the sweet ballad has the singer reflecting on the good times and hoping that when his former flame thinks of him she smiles.

The video for the song has a happy ending as it shows the lifespan of a relationship. Directed by Kyle Morgan and produced by Cy Abdelnour, "Sing Along" follows a young couple into adulthood thanks to the help of an old camcorder.

Kristian Bush Talks About the Woman Who Inspired "Sing Along"

“I wrote this song to remind someone that no matter what happened between us, the thing we had together was good," he says in a press release. "The video shows how love is built on thousands of tiny little moments in the sunlight, and it asks the question, ‘What if those happy memories were strong enough to bring two hearts back together for a happy ending?’ I hope it reminds everyone that just because a relationship ends, the memories from it don’t have to disappear. We should never, ever regret love."

Bush is shown singing the song with a guitar in his hand while a young couple ages before his eyes. Later, the married couple are shown on the couch with their son and his girlfriend as they watch old videos of themselves as teenagers. A sweet moment between the family, the father hands over his old camcorder to his son to create his own lasting memories.

Watch the music video for Bush's "Sing Along" in the clip above.

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