Broadway, television, movie celebrity and now country star Kristin Chenoweth visited with WYCD in Detroit recently, where she admitted that she was a little afraid to cut a country album. It was songwriter Diane Warren that pushed her into finally recording the project.

"It is a hopeful record," Chenoweth says of 'Some Lessons Learned' in a video interview on WYCD's website. "It's not 'I'm crying in my soup!' There might be one or two songs like that, but mainly it's hope that even if you've been the runaway bride twice and you've screwed up … there's hope that person is out there." That's right, the star of 'Wicked' has gotten cold feet ... Twice!

"(I'm) Not necessarily proud of it," she admits. Throughout the 20-minute interview, Chenoweth is very candid and honest as she talks about her childhood in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, religion, being adopted and her obsession with reality television.

Her forthcoming country album is expected out on September 13. Among the songs on the record is one written by Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and another called 'WWDD,' or 'What Would Dolly Do.'

"This music has been inspiring me since I was five, and the first musical influence I had was Dolly Parton," Chenoweth says. "I know that Dolly has been talking about me playing her (in a biopic), I'd certainly love to do that part. I'm lacking a couple of things, but that can but that can always be fixed in post [Laughs]."

Chenoweth's debut country single, 'I Want Somebody,' will be included on the new album. In the meantime, fans can catch her as the recurring character April Rhodes on Fox's 'Glee.'

Watch the Kristin Chenoweth 'I Want Somebody' Video

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