Krystal Keith, daughter of country's favorite rebel with a cause Toby Keith, recently announced that she is having a baby girl! She broke the news via a photo with a special message written in the sand, which she posted to social media.

The singer, who released her full-length country album Whiskey & Lace in 2013, married husband Andrew Sandrubrae in 2010. They announced in late April that they're expecting, but did not share a due date. The baby girl will be their first child. The elder Keith, Toby, was granted the honorable title of grandfather in 2008 — his oldest daughter, Shelley, now has two children.

Toby has been especially busy lately, with plans to release a new album, 35 MPH Town, this fall and a high-energy performance at the Taste of Country Music Festival on June 14. The singer-songwriter will receive one of music’s greatest honors this week by being inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in New York City on Thursday, June 18, which he has called his "ultimate trophy." He is set to perform at Country Jam in Colorado this weekend.

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