NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. punched Kyle Busch in the face, but the internet is just as excited about what happened — and was said  — afterward.

There are so many layers to the post All-Star race brawl at North Wilkesboro Speedway that are worth zooming in on.

  • Things got tense during the second lap when Busch retaliated against Stenhouse Jr. for (as he saw it) pushing him into the wall.
  • Stenhouse was knocked out of the race but waited two hours to confront Busch.
  • During the fight, Ricky Stenhouse Sr. got a turn with Busch before a pit crew member started tossing people around.

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After the race (which Joey Logano won), Stenhouse made good on a promise to exact revenge. He was actually teeing this fight up mid-race, telling NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass "you can just watch afterwards" when asked how he'd handle it.

After wrecking, Stenhouse parked his car in Busch's pit spot, because he thought that was something Busch would do. His disdain for his fellow driver is palpable.

"Definitely built up frustration with how he runs his mouth all the time about myself," he said afterward, per Fox News. "I know he’s frustrated because he doesn’t run near as good as he used to."

When Stenhouse and Busch met, things became heated quickly. The younger driver later said Busch told him it was his fault. That's when Stenhouse threw a right hand and landed.

Here's the official video, as serviced by NASCAR on Fox. Winner Logano is heard talking before the reporter turns coverage to the fight — an announcement that apparently went over the track's speakers because there is a thunderous applause.

The second angle follows Busch who gets locked up by an older man in a gray T-shirt. That's Ricky Stenhouse Sr.

Busch gets a left jab in at Stenhouse Sr. before the crew guy begins to assert himself. Outkick did a good job breaking down this fight, even mentioning the media member who took a stray.

A final angle — and perhaps best angle — is a 3-minute-long video shared by Motorsports journalist Matt Weaver. The tension builds during Busch's long walk to his hauler (we know what's waiting, he doesn't). At the end, we hear him say "I don't give a f---. I sucked just as bad as you."

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