Austin's Kyle Park is determined to get over his broken heart, even if it takes him 'All Night,' on the optimistic new song bearing that name from his 'Fall 2010' EP.

The music is generally upbeat but somehow bittersweet -- steel guitars are always good for portraying sadness and regret -- as if Park truly does believe things are going to get better, but can't quite deny that right now he feels pretty lousy.

Luckily, he's got a good group of friends who have come to rescue him from his isolation and take him out to his favorite bar to get his spirits up:

"They say a night on the town is going to save me / They say I'll figure it out even if it takes me / All night, I'm gonna be alright / I know heartache heals in time / And it might take a while to see all the things I need / To mend this broken heart of mine / It's gonna take me all night."

And wouldn't you know, the next Miss Right shows up just in the nick of time.  Yeah, 'cause that's just how it works. You get dumped, go out with your friends and meet a great girl at the first bar you go to.

Kyle Park recently stopped by the Fox news station in his hometown of Austin, Texas to perform the Christmas classic 'Winter Wonderland.'  That's probably off his playlist for a while, but you can catch him on tour performing 'All Night' and other great songs all over Texas this winter.

Listen to Kyle Park, 'All Night'