Lady Gaga is putting a spin on her typical off-the-wall style with a country version of her latest hit single, 'Born This Way.'

"Surprise Monsters!: Born This Way (The Country Road Version) will be released on Twitter tomorrow," Gaga tweeted yesterday.

In her new rendition, released early this morning, Gaga makes light edits to the lyrics to back her American patriotism. In this take on 'Born This Way,' Gaga sings:

"If I wanna make it country, baby, it's OK / 'Cause I was born, I was born, I was born this way / From London, Paris, Japan, back to USA / Yeah, I was born on the road / I was born to be brave."

True, Lady G was American-born -- and she debuted in New York City. We're not so inclined to believe that the funky 'Paparazzi' hitmaker will trade her meat dress in for cowboy boots any time soon, but if she does, we'll give her a chance.

'Born This Way (the Country Road Version)' does have the steel guitar and country-style licks essential to a honky-tonk single, after all, but we echo CMT, who says, "Furthermore, I doubt a song that even hints at things like drag queens would ever make it on country radio."

Maybe next time, Gaga.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Born This Way (The Country Road Version)'

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