The Band Perry released their brand new single, "Live Forever," last week, and it caught the attention of a superstar that veers far, far away from the country genre: Lady Gaga. They exchanged mutual admiration tweets about the new track online.

The track's co-producer, RedOne, frequently works with Lady Gaga. This time he teamed up with producer Dann Huff and the Perry siblings to create an anthem that carries more pop-rock traits than their previous work.

The Band Perry have been dreaming of working with Lady Gaga since 2011, so this could be the first step of many toward a duet with the pop-star.

“I’m gaga for Gaga,” Kimberly Perry said almost four years ago. “Rumor has it that she wants to come to Nashville and write country songs. That’s the next endeavor that she is curious to, I guess, partake in and be a part of. So we’ll see. We would love to be her guinea pig when it comes to that.”

This new sound heard in the debut single off the group's forthcoming album could be a hint at what we can expect in the new project. The inspiration behind much of content is performing the songs in front of a live audience.

“Everything we do is all a means to get to the live end,” Reid Perry tells Taste of Country of the country-rock anthem. “Whenever we do songs we do think of how it’s gonna play live.”

The album is slated to be bursting with color, much like in the music video that accompanies the lead track.

“Everything is so colorful and enthusiastic and happy,” Kimberly Perry says of the project. “We’re walking out of the studio with giant smiles on our faces.”

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