The color yellow may be just the beginning of the Band Perry’s visual introduction to their third studio album. So far, all promotional materials for their single “Live Forever” have been drenched in canary yellow, but the trio tells Taste of Country there’s more to come.

Kimberly, Neil and Reid say for this album they were “dreaming in color.” “Everything is so colorful and enthusiastic and happy,” the group’s lead singer says. “We’re walking out of the studio with giant smiles on our faces.”

During an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (Aug. 14) the group revealed “Live Forever” was a very late addition to a record they’ve been working on for two years. RedOne co-produced the album, bringing a pop and international resume to the group’s tightly-packaged pop-country sound. He also was part of the team credited with writing the song, joining the siblings, Canadian singer Jenna Andrews and more.

During a separate conversation, Reid Perry told Taste of Country the song — like many of the songs on their upcoming album — was optimized for their live show. “Everything we do is all a means to get to the live end,” he says of the country-rock anthem. “Whenever we do songs we do think of how it’s gonna play live.”

Expect more color from other songs on the upcoming project, title and release date TBA. The group told Taste of Country there is one collaboration with an artist few would associate with country music. While they didn’t say who it was during this interview, reports they worked on a song with Pharrell.

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