Sibling trio the Band Perry are a good-looking bunch, but that doesn't mean they don't dress to impress. And there's one woman Neil Perry really wants to impress. She's cast spells, stolen thousands of dollars of celebrity possessions and fallen in love with a wallflower ... all in the name of acting.

The reveal came out naturally in an interview with Taste of Country. Billy Dukes played a little true or false with TBP at 2015 Country Jam, insinuating that women find Neil's accordion playing sexy. Frontwoman Kimberly Perry immediately responded with an adamant "False," and her brother, Neil, added a little-known-fact to the matter. Or, should we say, "fact."

"Strange enough though, Emma Watson does. It's the weirdest thing," he said with a mischievous smile before Reid grabbed the mic away and added, "That's also false."

While they were on the topic of misleading answers, the topic turned to misleading photos — two in particular. One was of a shirtless Reid posing with a mandolin, and the other was of Kimberly showing off her mad juggling skills.

Neil took on Reid's apparently shirtless photo, saying, "Technically we were supposed to post something that day. We had been in the studio and were shirking our Instagram responsibilities. So we needed a photo and those two [pointing at Kimberly and Reid] are kinda lazy when it comes to that. And so I put my mandolin in Reid's hand and said, 'Just sit here, act like you're playing it, whatever.'" Kimberly adds that the most important part of Neil's story is that Reid was not shirtless.

Just like Reid was fully clothed, Kimberly was actually not juggling in a photo posted, which seemed otherwise. "It was full trickery," she admits. "I had two oranges ... Reid was standing on the couch. He dropped the third orange in, magic photo. It's all about the moment you capture, ladies and gentlemen."

TBP also revealed what keeps them going throughout the day, and chimed in with more of their own humorous commentary throughout the video.

The singers rocked the stage at Thursday's (June 18) 2015 Country Jam Fest, playing their biggest hits and doing what they do best: entertaining. Perhaps, someday, they'll entertain Watson herself.

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