Lainey Wilson hopped on social media on Tuesday (June 20) to address a weight loss gummy brand that appears to feature her in their ads, and she didn't mince words: "They're entirely fake," she writes in the caption of a video post uploaded to Instagram.

"By now I'm sure a lot of y'all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah, blah, blah, it saved my life," Wilson says in the clip. "Well, surprise. It ain't true."

The country star goes on to say that the ads are an entirely falsified campaign more interested in making a quick buck than in telling the truth, and she wants to make sure her fans don't fall prey to the scam.

"I don't want y'all spending your money on something that ain't real. Do not fall for it," she says.

"If I have lost weight, it's because I'm working hard, playing hour-and-a-half shows and running around every night of my life," Wilson adds, "And to be honest, me losing weight or gaining weight ain't got anything to do with my music."

True to her signature sense of humor, Wilson ends her post by waxing poetic on a gummy she would sign up to advertise. "I tell you what, it'd be real nice if they made some gummies that made your a-- tell the truth. You get a gummy. You get a gummy. We all gettin' gummies," she concludes.

According to Luke Combs' manager Christopher Kappy, Combs has also been falsely portrayed as a celebrity partner with a weight loss gummy brand. In fact, Kappy says that companies have been using artificial intelligence to create the appearance of the star's likeness.

"No we are not doing this gummy. These companies are out of the country and are using AI to create ads using the likeness of Luke and other celebrities," he writes in the caption of a post.

"If you see an ad like this, please report it," Kappy continues. "To other managers out there, AI is a scary thing and they're using it against us."

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