Lauren Alaina stopped by her old stomping grounds for American Idol’s final season this Thursday (Feb. 11), performing a duet with one of the current contestants. The country artist sang Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” which Alaina also sang during her tenure on the show.

The clip first shows rehearsals between Alaina and MacKenzie Bourg, a shy but talented, stylish guy with a singer-songwriter vibe. Bourg was blushing after Alaina complimented his smile and his good looks, fanning her face to indicate how hot he was.

“You didn’t know I was gonna flirt with you?” Alaina asked playfully.

“No one gave me any warning about that,” he joked back. Even though Bourg is not a country artist, the ballad took on a new life with the young hopeful’s sensitive style.

The two took the stage and Bourg started off the tune with a sincere delivery as judge Jennifer Lopez sang along with every word (Lopez has performed the song herself at her Vegas show). Soon Alaina joined in with her trademark powerful, flawless vocals during the pre-chorus, reminding the audience why she stood on that stage in the first place. Her skillful harmonies slid seamlessly underneath Bourg’s melody, but at times even overshadowed him with her undeniable talent.

“I love him!” Alaina mouthed to the judges and audience after the performance. Check out the full performance above.

Alaina recently released new music for the first time after a long break due to a required vocal surgery, and fans have been eating it up. Her single “Next Boyfriend” — the lead-off track from her new self-titled EP — has a new sexy video, released in January.

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