On last night's episode of GAC's 'Introducing … Lauren Alaina,' we learned a lot of things about our favorite Georgia peach and 'American Idol' runner-up. When she would go shopping at the mall with her family as a little girl, she would sing and thus attract a crowd. Her honeyed voice caused fellow shoppers to follow her and her family, so much so that her family used to plead, "Please don't sing," since she would develop a following at Walmart.

The singer, whose debut 'Wildflower' drops today, revealed that her hometown of Rossville, Ga. has a population of just 3,500 people. When she is interviewed for her segments on the show, Alaina's southern accent was super pronounced, reminding us what a small town gal she is. Her dad, JJ Suddeth, pointed out that the local mills did not survive, but the town did. The area has a long history of working class spirit and small town energy, which Alaina certainly exudes.

Alaina, who sports the same two-tone hair as her mother, reveals that it's her mom who is shy and her dad who is loud. She says she hopes to find someone much like the way her parents found each other.

Another thing we learned about the singer is that she started out as a softball-playing tomboy and morphed into a cheerleader in high school. Despite that "popular girl" role, Alaina always made time to work with the special needs kids and would sing to them. Her dad said that Alaina did not used to say she was going to be a singer; she used to say she was going to be a special needs teacher.

During the special, we saw her as she would sing to CDs at a local watering hole and how she ascended through the 'Idol' ranks, too. She understood that she had to step out from behind the safety of the show and position herself as a viable artist. We think she'll do just fine and enjoy success similar to McCreery.

This episode of 'Introducing' was indicative of a small town girl gone big.