Just when you thought all the "Are they or aren't they?" chatter about the dating status of 'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina had died down, the duo stirs it up again, thanks to a Twitter picture. Alaina posted a photo of her planting a big old smooch on McCreery's cheek. But wait, that's not all.

This story gets even better. Former 'Idol' contestant Pia Toscano also plants a juicy kiss on McCreery's other cheek in the picture. What a lucky guy, right? Winning 'Idol' obviously has its privileges besides fame, fortune, TV appearances, record deals and the adoration of millions of fans. Even the people you beat on the show still love you.

It does not suck to be Scotty McCreery, sandwiched between two very lovely and talented ladies. The look on the teen's face is priceless, too. It's a mixture of shock and awe. Too cute.

While it's clear the trio are just playing around, we're sure this photo will reignite those dating rumors, and perhaps the teen tabloids will manufacture a love triangle story now that Toscano has literally entered the picture here. Can't you just imagine the headlines? "Scotty McCreery Torn Between Girlfriend Lauren Alaina and Temptress Pia Toscano!" Or "Lauren Alaina and Pia Toscano Take the Battle Off the Stage as They Fight For Scotty McCreery's Affection!"

Honestly, though, McCreery and Alaina have been side by side as they navigate the hectic post-'Idol' press run. They were quite coy about their relationship at first, being vague when asked if they were dating. When Alaina kissed him after his win, it set off a flurry of curiosity. The pair cleared the air and confirmed that they are not dating, eventually. But now that they're on tour as part of the American Idols Live concert series, who knows what could happen.

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