Lauren Duski could very well be moving onto The Voice Season 12 finale after her stunning performance of Shenandoah and Alison Krauss' "Ghost in This House" on Monday (May 15).

Dressed in a beautiful white gown, Duski opened the dramatic song while perched on a giant windowsill, grabbing the audience's attention with her pure vocals as she sang the haunting lyrics: "I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire, / That once burned out of control / You took my body and soul / I'm just a ghost in this house."

The Michigan native brought effortless grace to The Voice stage, once again demonstrating her ability to capture the purity and emotion of any song. Her coach Blake Shelton beamed from his big red chair as his mentee hit every right note on the all-white set, leaping to his feet at the song's conclusion.

"What you just did was absolutely monumental," Shelton said, praising her performance and nodding to her ability to take on the "untouchable song." Fellow coach Adam Levine agreed that Duski exhibited poise and grace, as opposed to trying to blow everyone away with big numbers. "I love this more because this is just more pure and genuine," he said about what he admires in a vocalist.

Duski's voice truly shines on softer ballads, and her coach made a spot-on selection with the song, which was covered by Krauss and the Dixie Chicks. Duski has a strong storytelling aspect to her artistry and Shelton felt the song really brings that out, saying in rehearsal that he could see her "selling out stadiums."

We'll see if he's right when the The Voice results are announced live on Tuesday (May 16). Four contestants will be sent to the Season 12 finale on Monday (May 22).

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