Leah Turner's heartbreak comes guarded on her new single "Sleep You Off." There is something masculine about her approach to emotional devastation. Even as a victim she's not going down without a fight.

This aggressive, pop-influenced, mid-tempo track creates a little crazy that works with Turner's urgent vocals to create a sense of total emotional loss. Then the verse returns, and she's cool again until being swept up in a torrent of anger, sadness, blame, booze and self-pity — you know, all the things that come standard when your heart is ripped out of your chest and run through the garbage disposal. Walls go up and she shouts between them until round two.

Turner is trying anything and everything to forget this guy. Mostly she's drinking and sleeping, but one senses she's not above worse if it'd help. "Sleep You Off" is an absolutely committed performance from a singer who doesn't seem to know how to do things halfway. The sheer force of Turner's voice could shake a California sequoia bare, and when paired with heavy beats she's impossible to ignore. There's no fun in subtlety when you're Leah Turner.

Did You Know?: Leah Turner is a whiskey girl who isn't afraid of Jack Daniels on the rocks.

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