Lee Brice’s “That Don’t Sound Like You” offers a fresh take on the “Girl, come back to me” theme so present in today’s country music. There’s no begging. There’s no apologizing. There’s just … genuine concern.

It’s a refreshing approach from a singer who is making a living off of finding refreshing ways to tell country music’s favorite stories. The ballad begins with a slow, seductive guitar lick, but the chord changes foreshadow a more somber story.

“I know it's been a while, I don't mean to pry / But when I asked you if you're happy I didn't hear a smile / And that don't sound like you / Nah, that ain't the girl I knew,” Brice sings.

Vocally, he’s all in. His intensity is difficult for some to embrace, but it’s never misguided or fabricated. One feels Brice has a very specific girl in mind when he sings:

“You always sounded like truck tires on a gravel road / Laughing at the world, blasting my radio / Cannonballs flashing in the water / Doing whatever whenever you wanted / What did he do? / 'Cause you don't sound like you anymore.”

Rhett Akins and Ashley Gorley helped Brice write “That Don’t Sound Like You,” the third single from his I Don’t Dance album. It’s difficult to compare all three (including the title track and “Drinking Class”) to another song from the last five years. The same could be said of the LP.

Why Fans Will Love It: There's not another song like it on the radio. That's becoming this singer's hallmark.

Key Lyrics: "What did he do / 'Cause you don't sound like you / Give me the girl I knew / 'Cause you don't sound like you anymore."

Did You Know?: Brice's big break came when Garth Brooks cut his song "More Than a Memory." He recently revealed to Taste of Country that Rascal Flatts wanted to cut it first.

Listen to Lee Brice, “That Don’t Sound Like You”