Want to watch some elementary school kids lose their minds for one minute and 53 seconds?

Lil Nas X recently dropped in at Lander Elementary School in Mayfield Heights, Ohio after a video of the school's students singing and dancing to "Old Town Road" popped up in his Twitter mentions. Lander principal Felicia Evans tweeted the video to Lil Nas X stating, "I love my job. We ended our 5th grade talent show today with the whole school dancing and celebrating...together!!"

After seeing the video, Lil Nas X offered to perform a free show at the school and fulfilled his promise less than a week later to screaming – and I mean SCREAMING – elementary school fans.

“I’m finna do the biggest show of my life and it’s gonna be great," Lil Nas X says in a Twitter video, posted by Complex.

When Lil Nas X reached the stage, students went wild by screaming, jumping, dancing, clapping – any action to show their excitement and joy that the 19-year-old budding star was about to entertain them in their elementary gym.

“I saw y’all's video and you know I had to come,” Lil Nas X says to the crowd...and they roared with approval in response.

After performing "Old Town Road," which the mass of students shouted every single word to, Lil Nas X threw plush horses to the kids, who were definitely experiencing "Old Town Road" mania.

Lil Nas X's star has meteorically risen since the release of "Old Town Road," and most recently, his "Wrangler on my booty" line even sparked a collaboration deal with Wrangler.

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