Long Island native Lisa Matassa offers a mix of pop and rock alongside a big country voice on 'Somebody's Baby.' She is a true vocal talent who could demand more attention if she broke free of cookie cutter production.

'Somebody's Baby' is a sweet story about a mother sending her daughter off into the world while reminding her there will always be someone at home to love her. Matassa is a mother herself, and her performance is genuine. She goes for broke early in the song and hits all the big notes. However, this move leaves few peaks for later.

"Cause you're somebody's baby / You're somebody's favorite song to sing / You're somebody's whole wide world / Somebody's everything / And wherever you go hope you know you will always be somebody's baby," Matassa sings during the chorus.

The arrangement lacks creativity. A fiddle speaks up where you'd expect it to, and there's little to appreciate about the guitar work. The result is that one focuses on her lyrics, which are good, but not as sharp and powerful as songs we're used to hearing on the radio.

"Just keep on doing what it is you do 'cause it's only a matter of time / Til someone out there is gonna notice you and just how bright you shine," she sings during the second verse. "And when he comes falling from the sky and looks you in the eyes you'll know it's real / When he tells you that he loves you and how it makes you feel."

Bridge, chorus, chorus and the pop-rocker is wrapped up in a neat-and-tidy three-and-a-half-minutes. There is no shortage of good music in Nashville. To stand out, a song needs to be memorable. Matassa is a talented singer who, with a more creative approach, is capable of producing impressionable musical moments.

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