Little Big Town's the Breakers Tour picked up steam during a stop in Austin, Texas, on Friday (Feb. 9), night two of the tour. The foursome were at their best and free of any rust that may have slowed them on opening night. They were feeling good, and it showed.

Midland (On the Rocks album dropped Sept. 2017) and Kacey Musgraves (Golden Hour out early 2018) joined them, rounding out a hard-to-miss lineup for a sold-out show at Austin's big, drum-shaped Frank Erwin Center arena. The "Girl Crush" group didn't make a big, showy entrance, but fans leapt to their feet, cheering as they appeared onstage, one by one. Backlit by an action-packed screen showing their music videos and early footage, the group connected with the crowd through stories stories of recent honors — like a Glen Campbell tribute at the CMAs, which they repeated on Friday — and songs. They maintained a low-key set for the duration of the show, letting the music leave the impact.

LBT will make a string of festival appearances this summer and then head back out for a joint tour with Miranda Lambert, which starts July 12. The Breakers Tour continues this week in Ohio, Illinois and Philadelphia and runs through May. See dates and get tickets here.

Highlights from Little Big Town's the Breakers Tour:

1. Those harmonies!

You can't have harmony without Little Big Town ... well, okay, you can, but we still don't want to live in a world void of these harmonies. In their 20 years as a band, Philip Sweet, Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook and Kimberly Schlapman have learned each other's strengths and how and when to play into weaknesses. It's a polished machine, and they're at their best on the Breakers Tour!

2. "Can't Go Back"

This song from 2012's Tornado album is even more haunting sung live. It's a show-stopper that came at the back half of the set had this Texas crowd's full attention. Hands-down one of the best moments of a live show that pulls you high and drags you low.

3. Kacey Musgraves

We're witnessing a legend in development, here. Musgraves is one of modern country music's purest voices, and she has really found her comfort level onstage in the last several years. Her warm Texan side shined through in Austin — she was down to earth and related to the crowd, joking around and refusing to shy away from pain ("Space Cowboy" from her new Golden Hour album is a punch to the gut, y'all!), breakups, her new marriage and finding happiness.

3. "Better Man"

You know it's good when even the venue staff are singing along. Taylor Swift wrote the 2017 CMA Song of the Year "Better Man," so it reached a wider-than-country-normal audience when LBT released it in 2016. And anything that makes country music a little cooler — a little more universal — is a win in our book. This was a highlight of the show, albeit an expected highlight.

5. The Midland "Drinkin' Problem" singalong

There seems to be an unspoken agreement that it's okay to miss the opening act if you're only buying tickets for the headliner. It's not, so don't do this. Midland are traditional gems in a sea of sameness, and they put on a tight, prompt set in Austin, their home base. (Spoiler: Even if you're late to the show, the hits ("Make a Little," "Drinkin' Problem") come at the end, so you won't miss the singalong.)

6. Did we mention those harmonies?!

Little Big Town can sing. Seriously, it's not clear which member has the 'best' voice, and Karen, Jimi, Philip and Kimberly all got their moments to shine — separately — on the second night of the Breakers Tour. But it's when they come back together as one unit ... ooh, we have goosebumps just thinking about it!

7. They're country as all get out, but they really rock, too!

The foursome made a low-key entrance and launched their Austin show with several ballads, but by mid-performance they were rockin' out, light displays and all. It's nice to let loose on a Friday night, and they let it all hang out.

8. "Girl Crush"

Hardcore fans will roll their eyes when the band play their biggest hit to date — 2016's Best Country Song Grammy winner — but they'll still sing along. We saw them. Sure, you've heard this one thousands of times, but hearing it live is like feeling it for the first time.

9. Damn good country music.

A night of quality country music just makes you feel right in the soul, and Little Big Town and co. served up the chicken soup on Friday. This is one of the best lineups on the road this year, so catch it while you can. It's good to be among friends, you know?

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