Three-year-old Ronan has one wish and one wish only this year: he wants superstar Miranda Lambert to come to his birthday party!

Ronan's mom took to YouTube to post an adorable video of her son asking Lambert to join him at his party. In the clip, the sweet boy sitting in his booster seat, really enjoying a piece of candy. When his mom asks who he wants to attend the party, he tells her -- or tries to, anyway. He admits he has a little trouble with Lambert's tongue twister of a name!

"DeLamber Lamber," Ronan says with a smile, trying to properly pronounce the star's famous name. He tries it a few more times, but just can't quite get it.

"I can't say it so I wanna say La-Lamber Lamber," he declares.

After a few more adorable attempts, Ronan says it perfectly! He seems proud of himself (but is really enjoying his candy), then nods and smiles when his mom asks if she'll really show up to the party. When the little guy really thinks about Lambert attending, his mom asks what he would say to her. He shyly smiles and shrugs, saying, "I'll hug her!"

Although Lambert's presence would probably be a gift enough, Ronan believes the 'White Liar' hitmaker would also bring along a gift for his fourth birthday -- "a toothless flying sword toy."

Sorry, Miranda ... that one may be tough to pick up at Toys 'R Us.

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