Liz Davis, a pretty, glam blonde with highlights and a cute Southern accent, tore through Gretchen Wilson's rough and tumble 'Here for the Party' on tonight's (Sept. 17) blind auditions of 'The Voice.' While Davis may have sounded Wilson, thanks to her sass and her spunk, she looked Underwood, thanks to her big waves, dangerously short shorts and sky high heels, which showed off legs for days. She exuded star quality.

Davis moved from Mississippi to Nashville to make a real go of it and to seriously pursue her musical career. She is no stranger to singing competitions, as reality show hounds might recognize her as the winner of MTV's 2009 show 'Starmarker,' of which Diddy was a producer. Davis was awarded a contract with Bad Boy, but things didn't work out and she is obviously no longer signed to the label. Back to the drawing board...

"It is is tough, but I am such a country girl and I love the honky tonk," she told host Carson Daly about the Nashville grind before taking the stage. She also said she wants to be the first country singer to take 'The Voice' crown, and with her pipes and her stage presence, she just might be the contestant to do it!

Blake Shelton, Chistina Aguilera and Adam Levine all turned their chairs around for the lovely and talented Davis.

Shelton didn't just play the country card when wooing her. He played the award card, pulling it out his 2012 ACM Award for Male Vocalist of the Year, which was tucked in his chair, behind his back. Subtlety, thy name is not Blake Shelton. He told Davis, "Before you hear the barrage of crap from these two, just realize I do have some connections in country music.""

How could Davis argue with that? Still, Aguilera was the first coach to push her button for Davis, since the singer "woke" Xtina up! "I am so humbled. This is such a humbling experience," she said about having three coaches want her for their teams. "But I've gotta go with Blake."

It was the obvious and likely right choice for Liz Davis. She was adorably apologizing for not picking the other coaches, but she went with her gut.

Watch Liz Davis Perform 'Here for the Party' on 'The Voice'

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