It's been a long, rocky journey for Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of the LoCash Cowboys. The June 18 release of their new self-titled album comes after a series of stops and starts, deaths and hit songs as songwriters. As fans will hear on the 12 songs that make up 'LoCash Cowboys,' the two country veterans had no shortage of life experiences to inspire great material. Listen to the project in its entirety during this week-long Taste of Country album stream exclusive. The duo promise many surprises. 

The current single 'Chase a Little Love' is a pleasant surprise. It's a love song, showing a side fans rarely got to see from LoCash, as every new label they signed with wanted to release an uptempo rocker that reflected their live show. 'Best Seat in the House' is another revealing track. Lucas tells Taste of Country he wrote it in the aftermath of his father's death.

Of course, fans will find plenty of party songs, as well. 'C-O-U-N-T-R-Y' made the album, as did the uptempo 'Bounce' -- a staple of live shows for quite some time. LoCash Cowboys fuse country with rock, hip-hop, funk and gospel to create a high-energy, unique brand of music. The new album, over five years in the making, reflects on everything they've been through and points to where they're headed.

"We’ve been kicked, we’ve been punched," Lucas said. "Heck, we probably left organs on the ground. But we got right back up.”

Look for the LoCash Cowboys to appear at the Taste of Country Music Festival on June 13. The duo is opening for Parmalee and Willie Nelson and the Family Band on the first day of the inaugural three-day festival. Pre-order the duo's new album here.

Note: This stream has ended.

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