Mud, mud and more mud, that's what the LoCash Cowboys found themselves surrounded by on Tuesday (June 12) when they headed to Lynnville, Tenn. (65 miles south of Nashville) to film their brand new music video for 'C-O-U-N-T-R-Y.'

The location wasn't a staged set, but rather a large mud hole miles from the main road with trucks, four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles, all plastered in mud. The country duo's band members had their equipment set up in trucks in the background while Preston Brust and Chris Lucas looked the part of country rock stars as they performed in front of and on top of the vehicles that were stuck in the mud.

Kendra Wilkinson, of the hit reality shows 'The Girls Next Door' and 'Kendra on Top,' was on hand to play the video's sexy leading lady and wasn't afraid to play the part. Like the boys, she got in the thick of it all, being covered head to toe in mud by the the video's end.

"Today has been incredible," Brust told Taste of Country on the set of the video. "Kendra made the video hot, funny, sexy, rockin' ... she was the perfect girl."

LoCash Cowboys, Kendra Wilkinson

The video will feature many fun shots, including the first set-up for the day of the duo and Wilkinson tossing around some mud after the blonde beauty pulls up in Brust's very own Ford F150 Eco Boost truck that he brought on set.

"The minute she sat down in my truck -- that was really hot -- but the minute she stepped out of the truck and the whole crew was watching, everybody just had this look on their face like we got the right girl for the video," Brust beamed. "I couldn't be any happier with the way this thing is going."

Brust found an added benefit of using his truck in the video after seeing a little surprise that Wilkinson left for him inside the vehicle.

"It's pretty amazing ... she left some little kiss marks on my rear-view mirror," Brust said with a grin. "I will probably never wash it again [laughs]. I'll probably always keep it there."

Wilkinson was also utilizing her time in Nashville to film an entire episode of 'Kendra on Top,' based around her experience in Music City and the time spent on the set with the LoCash Cowboys.

The day also happened to be Wilkinson's 27th birthday, which was celebrated on set with a birthday cake and gifts from LoCash. The duo had a custom LoCash Cowboys baseball cap made for the star, and also presented her with a pink acoustic guitar and other mementos. They even brought along LoCash Cowboy posters, which they autographed for Wilkinson's and her husband, Hank Baskett's 2 1/2 year old son, 'Lil Hank.'

"Kendra is awesome," Lucas told Taste of Country following their sit-down lunch with Wilkinson, all of which was captured by the 'Kendra on Top' cameras for an upcoming episode. "She is not only a beautiful girl, she is also beautiful inside. She has a great heart, and she has been a good sport about the whole thing. Kendra was one of our dreams to have in this video. Everybody has 'that girl' in a video, and now we've got 'that girl' in our video. We got the one we wanted."

Stay tuned to Taste of Country to see the finished product in the coming weeks. To see more of our exclusive photos from the 'C-O-U-N-T-R-Y' video shoot, flip through our slide show below. Fans can keep up with all the latest on the LoCash Cowboys, including information about their forthcoming album and future tour dates, by visiting their official website or following them on Twitter.

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