Logan Mize snuck up on country music fans in 2014, although it's difficult to see how. For one thing, he's a big guy. The former college football player reminds one of James Otto, but his voice and choice of songs is a little more Blake Shelton-meets-Jack Johnson.

The other reason Mize was hard to miss is because he's been working at it for so long. It's been nearly a decade since the Southern Illinois University dropout began taking his music seriously. With that hobby came a truck-driving gig that paid the bills around Nashville after he moved to Music City permanently. He drove a dump truck, bulldozer ... whatever (he even appears in a commercial with Hayden Panettiere!). Nope, that blue collar shirt with his name stitched into it isn't just for irony's sake.

'Can't Get Away From a Good Time' was a breakout hit on SiriusXM's the Highway last year. The infectious jam isn't just a party song, however -- it's an example of his true passion: songwriting.

“I grew up listening to guys like Alan Jackson, very simple but great songs,” he tells Taste of Country about his style. “Sometimes it gets personal, and maybe even more headier.”

Taste of Country debuted the music video for 'Can't Get Away ...' in May, months before he signed with Sony and re-released it as his first official single. Other songs include the gritty, guitar-driven 'Workin' and Drinkin'' and the fan-favorite 'Used Up.'

Listen to Logan Mize, 'Can't Get Away From a Good Time'

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