The original members of Lonestar have reunited for a new album, and the timing and energy of the project couldn't be more perfect. The four men -- including lead singer Richie McDonald -- talk about their decision to self-produce 'Life as We Know It' in this video, exclusive to Taste of Country. They compare the energy in the studio to that of a group of country newbies.

"It was like being a new band again, even though we've been together 20 years," guitarist Michael Britt says. 'Life as We Know It' will be available on June 4. After searching for the perfect person to produce the album, the men decided their answer was staring at them in the mirror.

"I think from that first day, we learned one thing," drummer Keech Rainwater says. "Nobody knows what Lonestar sounds like better than Lonestar."

"We've been in this town 20 years," McDonald adds. "We felt like we all learned enough in the studio … that we could go apply that ourselves." The group -- arguably one of the best in the history of country music -- says their approach kept everyone relaxed and excited about what they were creating. After the first recording session, they hung around for 90 minutes gushing about what they'd just laid down.

Early in the video, McDonald talks about the importance of finding a producer that knew how to produce bands, and the previous album they felt captured them at their best. He says 'Lonely Grill' from 1999 best represented their sound, hinting that the project inspired the new collection as well. Songs like 'Amazed' and 'What About Now' were singles from 'Lonely Grill.' 'Maybe Someday' and 'The Countdown' are the two singles released from 'Life as We Know It' so far.

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